Our Processes
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Reduction of emissions

The Saint-Gobain Group constantly strives to optimize processes so that CO2 emissions are reduced. The CO2 share of the entire Group represents is 0.3% of the total European emissions. Several companies in the Group have had a CO2 balance made on their own initiative. With this assessment we help to develop further measures aimed at optimization. We achieved a further reduction of CO2 through the geographical proximity of production centres, warehouses and customers. Our efficient and conscious purchasing policy ensures that senseless, so-called “transport CO2” is avoided. We also have ambitious targets in the office area. Up to 2040, with the Care4 programme the Saint-Gobain Group wants to reduce its total energy consumption and the emission of greenhouse gases by a factor of four.

Sustainable use of resources

Many of our machines must be cooled with water. At Saint-Gobain we work with closed circuits in order to make use of the same water time and again.

In particular, timber purchasing is subject to strict rules and specifications within the Saint-Gobain Group. If there is even the slightest doubt about the origin of a tree or the type of logging, a purchase will not take place. Only in this way can we sustainably preserve the important natural heritage on our planet.

Reduction of waste and the promotion of recycling

The three most important substances which the Saint-Gobain Group processes are glass, steel and plaster. All can be endlessly recycled without a loss of quality.

For example, we melt up to 80% of glass fragments for new glass and 100% of scrap iron for a new cast iron. The optimization of recycling in the production process ensures that we use less raw material and produce less waste.

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