Construction Products
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The Construction Products sector offers the right solution for every building project: from civil engineering to roof, acoustic and heat insulation, facade cladding, roof cladding and interior construction. The Construction Products sector consists of the following activities:

  • Insulation: glass wool, rock wool and insulating foam materials
  • Gypsum: Plasterboards and lightweight construction systems, ready-to-use plaster for various fields of application, ceiling system with insulating and acoustic qualities and other products for interior construction.
  • Exterior Products: asphalt and PVC roof shingle, claddings made of fibre cement
  • Industrial Mortars: plaster for walls, fašades and floors, products for tile laying.
  • Pipe: cast iron pipes for drinking water and sewage.


  • More than 40,000 km of cast iron pipes are delivered each year in more than 100 countries.
  • Every third house in Europe is insulated with Isover.
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