Employee rights
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Group companies are to scrupulously ensure that employees’ rights are respected. They are to promote an active dialogue with their employees. In addition, and without limitation, they shall respect the following rules, even if not provided for by applicable local law. They shall refrain from any form of recourse to forced labour, compulsory labour or child labour - whether directly or indirectly or through sub-contractors where the latter are working on a Group site; and they shall refrain from any form of discrimination of whatever kind with respect to their employees whether in the recruitment process, at hiring, or during or at the end of the employment relationship.

Thomas Beyer,
Saint-Gobain Oberland AG,
Member of the Board,
Human Resources Director

"Nobody may be discriminated against because of the colour of his skin, his descent or his gender – this does require more than a little goodwill of managers and human resource responsible persons. To do justice to each employee as a person, professionalism and impartiality are imperative."

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