Caring for the environment
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Group Companies are to actively promote the protection of the environment. At company sites management methods shall be followed, wherever the site may be located, which allow measurable environmental performance standards to be set, and actual performance to be regularly evaluated and checked against the applicable standards. They shall strive to raise the main relevant environmental performance standards of their own sites to the level of particularly effective performance standards found in the Group for comparable sites – even if that means going beyond the requirements of local legislation.

Jürgen Trappmann,
Saint-Gobain Delegation,
and Safety Manager

"It is important to the work of the General Delegation, to spread the EHS-policy of the Compagnie. We take part in the process of sustainable development by integrating the economic achievement of our sites, the social responsibility of our employees and the care for humans and the environment. That enriches the attractiveness of our company for our employees, customers, neighbours and shareholders."

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