Principles of conduct and action
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The values of the Group have been spelled out since 2003 in the Principles of Conduct and Action.

Principles of conduct


Principles of action

The Saint-Gobain Group considers that the basic values shared by management and employees alike are:


The Saint-Gobain Group wishes to set out the principles of action which govern the activities of all management teams and employees in the exercise of their professional responsibilities, regardless of the country involved.

These principles of action contribute to the achievement of sustainable development and responsible patterns of growth, in accordance with the long-term strategy pursued by the Group:


These principles have been precised for their application to the purchasing function in the Group in the document purchasing charter.

The application of the principles is a basic prerequisite for membership in the
Saint-Gobain Group.

All corporate management teams and employees of the Saint-Gobain Group are personally obliged to follow the principles for behaviour and action. Every hierarchical level company, organizational unit, Delegation, main division - must ensure their application.

Code of conduct - Global Compact

The pact which was established in July 2000 based on an idea of the then Secretary-General of the United Nations, Kofi Annan, is an international initiative which several hundred companies, non-government organizations and civilian facilities (trade unions, schools, UN authorities) have followed. They thus commit themselves to compliance with ten basic principles, which concern the areas of human rights, labour standards, protection of the environment and anticorruption. On the basis of this international network, it is intended to jointly contribute to the development of a human and sustainable economy.

In 2009, Saint-Gobain endorsed two documents related to the Global Compact:
The initiative Caring for Climate to fight against climate change and the CEO Water Mandate for Water Resource Protection as part of the UNs Millennium Development Goals.

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