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Loyalty requires honesty and fairness in dealing with superiors, colleagues, subordinates and third parties dealing with the Group. In particular, it is incompatible with the pursuit of selfinterest where the latter conflicts with the goals of the individual Group company or the Group as a whole. It implies the adherence to the guidelines and internal rules of individual Group companies and of the Group as a whole.

Hans-Joachim Sterker,
Production Manager,
Saint-Gobain PPL
MG Silikon

"Germany Austria Switzerland has avery long tradition with international connection. Our company employs 80 people with 14 different nationalities. To be able to fully benefit from the synergies, loyalty with each employee is imperative. It is our duty to associate fair and open minded with each person. I would wish, that the successful integration in the companies would be consequently implementet in politics and public-life."

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