Respect for others
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Respect for others is an absolute prerequisite for the professional and personal development of each person. It must be applied throughout the Group worldwide and implies an acceptance of pluralism and other cultures and of people of all origins. It is expressed in a readiness to listen to others, to inform, to explain and to engage in dialogue.

Erna Bauer, Saint-Gobain
IndustrieKeramik Rödental,
postproduction fine ceramics

"I love to go to work and I get along fine with my colleagues. There are grave differences in the cultures and mentalities of Germans and Russians, but I settled in rather quick. I have made friends through work – chiefly to my direct colleague Roswitha Weiß – and these friendships last for years. I have been feeling fully accepted and integrated since the start of my work and still feel so." (Mrs. Bauer was born in Russia and came to Germany 11 years ago as a resettler)

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