Already today, Saint-Gobain offers planners and architects powerful BIM files for the planning, of perimeter insulation, waterproofing of buildings, windows and facades, drywall and acoustics, flooring and tiling systems, pitched roofs or top floor ceilings and much more. At the same time, with these BIM solutions planners have access to the comprehensive building expertise of the Saint-Gobain Group. This includes among others the Rigips, Ecophon, Building Glass Europe, Weber and Isover brands. At BAU 2017, Saint-Gobain presented a comprehensive repertoire of applicable BIM solutions for Allplan, ArchiCAD and Revit.



The new digital approach focuses on exchange and transparency, working with software-based 3D models and the information they contain. Buildings are first built completely virtually and then simulated and optimized according to several criteria - including energy efficiency, economy and life cycle - before even a single excavator rolls on. During the collusion tests on the model, planning errors are identified and inconsistencies between the architectural model and other specialist models such as the structural or TGA model are eliminated. Using 3D renderings and augmented reality, materials and dimensions become tangible and decisions in the planning phase become easier. The resulting changes to floors, facades or walls are included in the planning in real time. Parts lists, quantity calculations and the resulting cost calculation are automatically adapted. But that's not all!


Which advantages does BIM offer during planning?

  • Shorter project periods
  • Cost and planning security
  • Avoidance of planning errors and reduction of (legal) risks
  • Well-founded basis for decisions
  • Reduced total costs, including the minimization of follow-up costs
  • Higher quality of planning and, as a result, the improvement of your competitiveness


If one considers the total costs of a building over a service life of around 50 years, only 20% is accounted for by planning and construction. At 80% of the total costs, the operation and maintenance of buildings is much more relevant, especially for the owner or user. This is precisely where BIM will play out its added value in the future. The information - the "I" in BIM stands for this - which is automatically available in a plan, can be used at any time for care and maintenance, and makes rebuilding easier, faster and more economical. Using sensors, comfort parameters are recorded which provide instant feedback on the function of the building infrastructure. Movements and the use of building areas can also be displayed and optimised via BIM. In this way, the costs for artificial lighting, air conditioning and cleaning can be greatly reduced. The end of a building's life is also taken into account in BIM. The demolition and recyclability of the selected building products can be assessed in BIM and optimised accordingly. At the push of a button, you can get an assessment of the sustainability of a building.


Saint-Gobain goes BIM: New BIM Wizards for Allplan, ArchiCAD, Revit

Making digital planning more convenient, more reliable and more efficient is the declared goal of the corporate strategy "Saint-Gobain goes BIM". At BAU 2017, Saint-Gobain presented an extensive selection of cross-brand BIM solutions that can solve structural problems. This is achieved by combining the construction expertise of the Saint-Gobain Group, which also includes brands such as Rigips, Weber and Isover.

Saint-Gobain offers architects DeepL access to over 10,000 physically tested component solutions via new BIM wizards for ArchiCAD, Allplan and Revit - for almost every comfort requirement. The fully digitized BIM solutions can be used directly in the graphical model in the CAD software. All product and design data are immediately available for evaluations and further planning steps.

NEW: BIM-Files for Revit and Archicad

In order to further increase planning flexibility, Saint-Gobain not only invests in the depth and breadth of BIM constructions, but also in the range of architecture programmes in which these digital constructions can be used. In addition to solutions in Allplan, also a number of BIM files for Autodesk Graphisoft ArchiCAD and Revit are available. In addition, all 3D objects are compatible with Trimble SketchUp and 3D Studio/3DS.

The secret of the BIM solutions from Saint-Gobain: the individual complete solutions can be applied in the graphic model in a very early planning phase with little expense. Thus, from the outset, all the design and product data required for planning are available digitally and can subsequently be evaluated not only with respect to material quality, quantities and costs, but also for the creation of simulations and the service specifications.

Wizards for Allplan

With the Allplan wizards, new, powerful complete solutions for pitched roofs, top floor ceilings, facades as well as complete interior construction are available. The competences of the Saint-Gobain Group members Weber, Rigips, Ecophon and Isover are bundled in the individual wizards and tested constructions. Depending on the comfort requirements (energy efficiency, noise and fire protection, room acoustics as well as optics), architects also have the choice between alternative solutions and materials - as well as between constructions for new building and for building renovation.


BIM is more than the digitalization of product data. The digital planning, construction and operation of buildings changes existing business processes and requires integrated data management along the entire value chain. This is precisely where pioneering work is needed. The Saint-Gobain Group is actively involved in shaping the new digital landscape of construction and is involved, among other things, in the BIM Competence Center with the annual BIM Convention in Aachen and the "Open BIM Workflow", at bimNRW , "Planen Bauen 4.0", as well as in various other committees.