Revit & ArchiCAD Plug-In of Saint-Gobain

Saint-Gobain has set itself the goal of making it as easy, time-saving and safe as possible for architects and planners to work with BIM. This is possible, for example, with the Saint-Gobain Plug-In for ArchiCAD and Revit. With just a few mouse clicks, users of this CAD software can use this tool to access the comprehensive range of always up-to-date component solutions for roofs, facades, interior fittings, cellars and floor slabs.

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Saint Gobain BIM Lösung "Plugin Tutorial" (EN)
Saint-Gobain BIM-Plugin for Revit and ArchiCAD

A lot of work saved right from the start

Once installed as an app in their own planning software, the Saint-Gobain Plug-In provides architects and planners with convenient access to complete and tested design solutions for a wide range of components and can choose from a variety of variants. The required design parameters can be largely preset so that the work can be carried out quickly.

Saint-Gobain Plug-In

Finding the right solution with intelligent research

Users of the Plug-In can use a sophisticated search function to find the desired constructions very precisely. After the initial selection of the relevant component, the user is asked which technical requirements and comfort requirements should be met. This search process enables users to quickly and easily select relevant and alternative BIM solutions. Repeated searches for preferred solutions can be avoided using the favorites function in the Plug-In.

Saint-Gobain Plug-In BIM

With just a few clicks to a fully digitalised BIM solution

From the Plug-In, planners load the desired solution as a BIM file onto their computer and use it directly when creating the graphic building plan. Already in the next moment all materials, qualities and surfaces are available. The required building physics performance values (sound, fire, U-value, etc.) are also displayed. Further information, e.g. on tender texts and product details, is available.


With just a few clicks to a fully digitalised BIM solution

The Saint-Gobain Plug-In guarantees access to always up-to-date BIM files. When changes are made to BIM solutions, users receive a message via the integrated communication center - enabling them to react efficiently. Of course, existing plans are not automatically updated.

  • Can be used as an app directly in ArchiCAD and Revit
  • Wide range of solutions from roof to cellar
  • Time-saving search & favorites function
  • Solutions directly applicable and evaluable
  • Automatic storage of all BIM data
  • Always up to date 

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Please note that the Plugin is at the moment only available in german!