The Saint-Gobain assistants for Allplan

  • Comprehensive range of Saint-Gobain assistants directly in Allplan
  • Easy-to-understand wizard layout for fast finding of needs-based solutions
  • Presetting of all design parameters using a BIM solution
Saint-Gobain BIM Allplan Assistent
Assistents Allplan Habito

Advantages of integrated planning

The IBD construction libraries consist of predefined Saint-Gobain components, which contain all necessary graphical and alphanumerical information. These components are stored in Allplan as so-called "assistants" and enable you to work simply and very effectively because they are available for several types of evaluation at the same time. You receive high-quality images and animations of your projects already in the design phase without any significant additional effort. In addition, you can create floor plan representations for design, presentation, building input and execution planning.


Saint-Gobain assistants in Allplan

Saint-Gobain offers you a variety of assistants. On the one hand there are the plaster and thermal insulation composite systems, waterproofing and floor and tile systems from Saint-Gobain Weber, on the other hand there are the wall systems, suspended ceilings, roof and ceiling coverings, timber construction systems and floor systems from Saint-Gobain Rigips. Thirdly, here you will find solutions for new construction and renovation of pitched roofs, dormers and top floor ceilings, which Saint-Gobain Isover provides. All solutions contain further links to various components. These direct links take you to various websites such as the Isover planner portal or the online catalogues from Rigips.