International Volunteer Program (VIE)

VIE at Saint-Gobain

Volontariat International en Entreprise (VIE)

France's International Volunteers Programme

The International Company Volunteer Program (VIE) is an offer for young professionals looking for enriching professional and personal experiences in an international environment abroad.

What is the VIE International Volunteers Program?

The French International Volunteers Programme (VIE) was established by the law of 14 March 2000 and the regulations of 30 November 2000. The VIE participants carry out their duties in a French company abroad. As the administrative body, Business France is responsible for processing the application and managing the VIE. The programme supports the possibility for young women and men to gain professional experience in an international context in a French company abroad. Participants receive a flat monthly allowance, which varies according to their country of residence and is generally exempt from taxes and social security contributions. Volunteers enjoy extensive social protection, to which their relatives are also subject.

Agilität bei Saint-Gobain

Conditions of participation

The volunteers programme is aimed primarily at students, graduates and young professionals aged between 18 and 28. Your departure must therefore take place no later than the day of your 29th birthday. Exceptions are not possible.

All candidates with European nationality (citizens of a country of the European Union or of the European Economic Area: EU + Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco) can participate. In addition, you must have fulfilled your obligations (e.g. compulsory military service) towards your home country. In addition, you must have full civil rights and no criminal record. To work in a host company, you must be able to prove that you are physically fit to work in the company.

What is the volunteer's status?

Due to his public status, the volunteer is subordinated to the French embassy of the country of stay. The VIE contract for the volunteer is concluded between Ubifrance and the French parent company. There is no contractual obligation between the volunteer and the French company which entrusted him with the mission abroad.

Innovativ sein bei Saint-Gobain

How does a VIE work at Saint-Gobain?

As a VIE, Saint-Gobain offers you the opportunity to take on the full responsibilities of a new professional for a period of 12 months, usually within the framework of projects. You will be fully integrated into the department and the team and entrusted with challenging tasks that you will work on independently. There are many opportunities to be hired by the Group after completing the VIE period. Through our networked and international work, the VIE usually gets to know many areas of the Group during his VIE period and thus gains a deep insight into our structures. The program is also a springboard for an international career.

Where can I find VIE vacancies?

Candidates interested in a VIE assignment at Saint-Gobain apply to our central coordinator in Paris (contact: Axelle Maillard).
Current VIE vacancies at Saint-Gobain can also be found at:

Interested? You can apply here