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Application tips

What is better? Applying online or a classic written application?

As an innovative company, Saint-Gobain is closely networked electronically. Online applications can therefore be processed more quickly and easily. Of course, we are also open to applications in paper form.

  • Online application: Please fill out our online application form. Here you have the possibility of inserting a covering letter and attaching certificates, CV and photo (please only in PDF format with a maximum size of 4MB)
  • Applications on paper: Binders structure your documents and, at the same time, protect them. Your application will be further processed by us electronically. Therefore, please do not stick your documents together, please pay attention to clearly legible copies and writing on only one side of the documents.

What belongs in an application?

  • A covering letter which makes reference to the intended internship place or to the desired job and our company
  • An informative tabular CV.
  • All relevant references
  • A recent photo

What relevance do the reference notes have?

Grades are an important criterion for the selection of candidates, as well as language skills, internships, etc. We, of course, also take into account the differences between the schools and know that grades are also dependent on the form on the day.

What does Saint-Gobain attach particular importance to?

  • We expect you to demonstrate initiative, a willingness to perform and, above all, an open-mindedness for everything new.
  • We are looking for personalities with a profile who deal openly with each other - so they are happy to work in a team - and are able to think beyond borders.
  • We are looking for employees who can easily communicate in English. Another foreign language (preferably French) would be an advantage.
  • We are looking for graduates of all disciplines, but preferably the fields of mechanical engineering, economics, process engineering, chemistry and physics.

Is a knowledge of foreign languages essential?

Saint-Gobain is an international group that does business all over the world. Knowledge in our working languages English and French are therefore undoubtedly an advantage. However, if German is predominantly spoken at your workplace and there is no contact with foreign customers, foreign language skills are not a must.

What is important in the CV?

A complete tabular CV provides us with a rapid overview of your school and professional career. It should, therefore, be clear, all important stations should be included and any gaps should be briefly explained.

What chance do brief applications have?

Brief applications only have a chance, when a specific reference is expressly made to them in the situations. Otherwise, the rule is: a complete, informative application is preferable to a brief application.

Which file formats do you accept in the case of online applications?

Please send us your documents exclusively in Acrobat-PDF format with maximum size of 4 MB.

I have difficulties with online questionnaires. Who can I contact?

On questions with reference to content please contact Ms. Blasius (, Tel. 0241 40020-231) and for technical problems Ms. Dreßen (, Tel. 0241 40020-131).

I have submitted an application – what happens next?

We will check whether you are eligible for the vacancy or any other position at Saint-Gobain. In the event of a positive evaluation, you will receive an invitation to an interview from us. The further procedure varies depending upon the position.

How does the selection process proceed?

Applications for specific vacancies will be examined by the personnel departments of the subsidiaries on site. Unsolicited applications and applications for the "Global Player" trainee programme will be checked by the HR department of the Saint-Gobain General Delegation in Aachen. We maintain a close contact with our subsidiary companies in order to find a suitable position for you. In the event of a positive assessment, you will be invited to an interview. The further procedure varies depending on the position.