University students

Do not wait to start your career until you have completed your studies.

Put your ideas into practice with us!

Our subsidiary companies offer a wide range of possibilities to collect practical experience during your studies.

From internships in the technical or commercial area, through "Thesis Papers" right through to your station in legal internship, various options are available to you.

Internship at Saint-Gobain

No matter how much time you have spent in university lecture halls and libraries, there is still no substitute for practical experience!

Irrespective of whether you are studying a technical or a business subject:
our subsidiaries offer you an opportunity, within the scope of an internship, to deepen your previous skills and theoretical knowledge in real practice.

You accompany our specialists during their working day, gather insights into many different fields of activity and are directly involved in a project in your field of interest. With your knowledge and your personality, you can make your own contribution to our processes, as well as implementing your own ideas.

This way, we not only provide you with first-hand work experience, but you also have the opportunity to make interesting contacts in a globally-operating company. These contacts could be the first step towards your career at Saint-Gobain!

Companies & contact partners

Saint-Gobain is a "Fair Company"

Once again this year, Saint-Gobain Germany has joined the "Fair Company" initiative and is thus continuing to abide by the meanwhile 7 rules governing the fair treatment of interns and graduates:

  • We do not replace any full-time positions with interns, trainees, guest students or permanent "temps".
  • We do not console any graduates who have applied for a permanent position with an internship.
  • We do not lure any trainees with the vague prospect of a subsequent full-time job.
  • We offer internships for professional orientation mainly during the training phase.
  • We pay apprentices an adequate compensation for expenses.
  • We inform our trainees about the rules and draw their attention to the feedback address.
  • As a "Fair Company" company, we are transparent and inform about our participation in the initiative

Working student

Gain practical experience as a working student with Saint-Gobain!

As a working student you are a real part of the team and, right from the start, you take on independent tasks. With us you have the opportunity to gain an impression of an international global company and to collect practical experience in a specialist field of your choice.

Take the opportunity to exchange experiences with experienced colleagues and make interesting contacts. Through a student activity, you take a great step towards your career with Saint-Gobain!

Please note:

In contrast to an internship, a student activity is a regular longer-term cooperation.

This means that you will be working for our company as an employee over an extended period or also during the semester breaks.

As it is important to us that you can fully develop both professionally and in your degree studies, we offer you flexible models that allow you to optimally coordinate your studies and working hours with each other.

Naturally, as a working student at Saint-Gobain, you will receive a reasonable salary for your work.

Volontariat International en Entreprise (VIE)

France's international voluntary programme

The International Volunteer Programme in the Company (VIE) is an offer for young job-seekers who are looking for enriching professional and personal experiences in an international environment abroad.

What is the VIE international voluntary programme?

The International Volunteer Programme of France (VIE) was introduced by the law of 14th March 2000 and the Regulations of 30th November 2000. The VIE participants perform their duties in a French company abroad. As the administrative body, Business France is entrusted with processing the application and managing the VIE. The programme supports the possibility for young men and women to gain professional experience in an international context in a French company abroad. The participants receive a monthly flat-rate remuneration, which varies according to the country of residence and which is usually exempt from taxes and social security contributions. The volunteers enjoy extensive social protection, which also applies to their dependents.

Conditions for participation

The volunteer programme is primarily targeted at students, university graduates and young professionals between the ages of 18 and 28. Their departure must be made no later than the day of their 29th birthday. Thereby, exemptions are not possible.

All candidates with a European nationality (citizen of a country within the European Union or the European Economic Area: EU + Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco) can participate. In addition, they must have fulfilled their obligations (for example, military service) in their home country. In addition, they must have unconditional civil rights and not have a criminal record. For their work in the guest company, they must be able to demonstrate the physical suitability required for carrying out the corresponding activity in the company.

What status does the volunteer possess?

On the basis of his public status, the volunteer is subordinate to the French embassy in the country of residence. The VIE contract for the volunteer is concluded between Ubifrance and the French parent company. There is no contractual relationship between the volunteer and the French company which has entrusted him with the mission abroad.

How does a VIE operate at Saint-Gobain?

As VIE, Saint-Gobain offers you the opportunity to take over full-time tasks of a job entrant, usually within the framework of projects, and usually for a period of 12 months. You will be fully integrated into the department and the team and will be entrusted with challenging tasks that you will work on independently. The possibilities of employment in the Group after the completion of the VIE period are very diverse. Through our networked and international work, the VIE is usually already familiar with many areas within the Group during his VIE period, thus gaining a deep insight into our structures. The programme thus simultaneously represents a springboard for an international career.

Where can I find VIE vacancies?

Candidates who are interested in a VIE assignment with Saint-Gobain should apply to our central coordinator in Paris (Contact: Axelle Maillard). Current VIE vacancies of Saint-Gobain can be found at


The best comes last!

You are just about to finish your studies and are looking for an interesting topic for your thesis?

Whether it is a Bachelor's or a Master's thesis, we offer you the opportunity to write your final thesis on a topic from our diverse areas of business, taking into account a close reference to the practice from our diverse areas of business.
You will, of course, receive competent support from our experienced staff. In this way, you will get to know the company intensively and receive valuable information for your future career. A scientific paper can also become your admission ticket for a subsequent career at Saint-Gobain!

Have you already got an idea for your thesis, which you would like to present to us? Then have a word with us and apply directly with a theme proposal at our companies. We are looking forward to hearing your suggestions.

As soon as you have your degree in your pocket, you should look at our list of vacancies - we sure to have the right offer for you!


Can I also complete an internship outside the semester breaks?


Are internships at Saint-Gobain being remunerated?

Whether an internship is remunerated and to what extent is decided by the Saint-Gobain subsidiary offering the internship place.

Can I propose a specific topic for a thesis?

Yes. The more concrete your ideas are, the sooner we can see if both sides can benefit from your project.

•What is better? Making an application online or a classic written application?

As an innovative company, Saint-Gobain is closely networked electronically. Online applications can therefore be processed more quickly and easily. Of course, we are also open to applications in paper form.

  • Online application: Please complete our online application form. Here you have the opportunity to include a covering letter and to attach certificates, references, your CV and photo (please only in PDF format with a maximum size of 4MB)
  • Application on paper: binders or folders structure your documents and simultaneously protect them. Your application will be processed electronically. Therefore, please do not stick your documents together, please pay attention to clearly legible copies and writing only on one side of your documents.

What belongs in an application for an internship position?

  • A covering letter which makes reference to the internship place you are interested in and our company.
  • An informative tabular CV.
  • All relevant certificates/references
  • A recent photo

When should I make my application?

If possible 6 – 2 months in advance.

How important are the examination grades?

Examination grades are an important criterion for the selection of candidates, as are language skills, internships, etc. We also, of course, take into account the differences between schools and realize that grades also depend on the form on the day.

Must I have a knowledge of foreign languages?

Saint-Gobain is an international group that does business all over the world. Knowledge in our working languages of English and French are, therefore, undoubtedly an advantage. However, if at your workplace predominantly German is spoken and there is no contact with customers in other countries, foreign language skills are not a must.

I have difficulties with the online questionnaire. Who can I contact?

For questions of contact please contact Ms. Latta (, Tel. 0241 40020-231) and for technical problem Ms. Dreßen (, Tel. 0241 40020-131).

I have submitted my application – what happens next?

We will check whether you are suitable for the vacancy or for another position at Saint-Gobain. In the event of a positive evaluation, you will receive an invitation to an interview. The other procedure differs depending on the position.