Working in Research & Development

Saint-Gobain Research Germany (SGR Germany) is one of the eight group-wide Research & Development Centers by Saint-Gobain and is located close to Aachen. At SGR Germany, more than 260 employees from over a dozen different countries develop, industrialize and optimize new products, systems and processes mainly for the automotive and construction glass sector, but also for other Saint-Gobain divisions like Ecophone or Rigips. The protection of our innovations is also one of the tasks at SGR Germany.

Depending on your qualifications and experience, SGR Germany offers a diverse range of entry opportunities – not only for recent graduates or experienced professionals but also during your studies as an intern or while completing your graduate thesis.

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Our R&D Areas

SGR Germany employees inspecting a glass pane

Complex Systems

Our research activities are focused on functional and active glazing, such as heated and switchable glass (from transparent to milky) or the incorporation of antennas and sensors (Smart Glass).

SGR Germany employees in a clean room

Glass Technology

Our research focuses range from flat glass production (float glass process) and quality optimization to bending, tempering and cutting of glass.

SGR Germany employees inspecting a glass surface

Thin Film Technology and Surfaces

Our research fields include the design and deposition of functional thin film systems as well as the structuring and selective removal of layers.

Model of an industrial robot

Smart Manufacturing and Robotics

With our expertise in intelligent automation, industry 4.0 and data analysis, we examine and optimize production processes for all Saint-Gobain brands.

Inside SGR Germany

In order to meet diverse family and professional interests and requirements, we offer you flexible working conditions. We see our employees as the key to our success and therefore gladly invest in a working environment that contributes to your personal and professional development in the long term.

As a Saint-Gobain group-wide Research & Development Center, SGR Germany cooperates closely with its French counterpart SGR Compiègne, since the competences of the two R&D centers complement each other perfectly.

As part of our international team at SGR Germany, you have the opportunity to implement relevant and innovative projects. Join us at our R&D center and contribute to the progress of the area of Innovative Materials, and thus to the progress of the entire Saint-Gobain group.