Five questions to Alicia

Alicia, Saint-Gobain Mitarbeiterin

Alicia, Project Manager at the Research and Development Centre SGR Germany

Please introduce yourself.

I am Alicia, I have been working for Saint-Gobain since 2016 and since autumn 2017 I am responsible for a development project for building glass in our research and development center SGR Germany. After completing my studies in applied laser technology, I completed my doctorate in England on the subject of "organic light-emitting diodes" and then worked for several years at RWTH Aachen University.

What do you think is so special about working at Saint-Gobain?

The job is very multifaceted. I haven't been there for a year and a half and have already dealt with three completely different topics. I've never networked as much as at Saint-Gobain - it's really part of the corporate culture. And I have many colleagues from all over the world! International careers are really encouraged here. There are an incredible number of development opportunities - both professional and hierarchical - and great training opportunities. Not to forget, of course, exciting topics such as Smart Devices and Smart Manufacturing.

How do you notice that you are working for an innovative company that cares about the living spaces of the future?

I notice this in my private life, for example: after moving, I was able to experience for myself how good acoustic and thermal insulation, special glazing and many other products manufactured by Saint-Gobain provide significantly increased comfort and quality of life. It became clear to me that I work for a company that really has a direct influence on people's lives. In R&D, of course, innovation comes first anyway: Saint-Gobain filed more than 450 patents worldwide in 2017, and the number of inventions that are registered has its own award in our R&D center.

What makes your career at Saint-Gobain so special?

I have two little children, two and four years old, and with flexible working hours and home office, I can combine my private life and my job very well. Saint-Gobain also supports parents with other offers such as KiTa places and child holiday care.

What kind of people do you think should apply to Saint-Gobain?

They should be open to new ideas and be interested in getting to know other cultures and nationalities. You will meet people from many different fields, whether physicists, chemists, engineers or process engineers. Whether you're an apprentice or an executive with a doctorate, everyone is incredibly helpful. Helping each other throughout the Group without asking questions is a matter of course here. And that's why I feel so at home here.


Saint-Gobain Research Germany (SGR Germany) is one of the eight Group-wide Research and Development centers of Saint-Gobain and is located near Aachen. At SGR Germany, around 260 employees from over a dozen different countries work on the development, industrialization and optimization of products, systems and processes, primarily for the automotive and construction glass sectors, but also for other Saint-Gobain divisions such as Ecophone and Rigips. Also the protection of our innovations belongs to the tasks of the SGR Germany.

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