Five questions to Sevime

Sevime, Mitarbeiterin bei Raab Karcher

Sevime, Internal Sales at Raab Karcher

Please introduce yourself.

My name is Sevime and I work in the Sales department of Raab Karcher in Frankfurt. At the sales counter I serve our customers in the pick-up shop, create offers, take care of orders in a team of 8 colleagues and always have customer contact. I was allowed to use our building materials myself during my induction: we worked for 6 weeks on a training construction site and built a small house ourselves - so I could get to know all the trades once.

What do you think is so special about working at Saint-Gobain?

I actually have a gastronomic background and have changed industries as part of a special initiative by Saint-Gobain Building Distribution. They were looking for employees with service experience and customer orientation. It's really great how my colleagues reacted to people outside the industry. I was always helped with specialist knowledge and tips so that I could find my way around as quickly as possible.

How do you notice that you are working for an innovative company that cares about the living spaces of the future?

The customer is always our focus. We have just introduced the latest merchandise management system in order to be able to implement this promise even better.

What makes your career at Saint-Gobain so special?

In the years 2007 to 2010 I did an apprenticeship as a restaurant specialist, after that I worked for a few years as a service employee in a hotel and an embassy. Then I was contacted via Xing to see if I could imagine switching to a completely different industry. This openness on the part of Saint-Gobain was something quite unique and I am totally happy and satisfied with the decision to change the industry.

What kind of people do you think should apply to Saint-Gobain?

For my job one should have desire on Building Materials, because it concerns a very extensive topic! Especially in Sales you should be open, proactive and extroverted. In our team we have a great team spirit and sometimes we do something together privately. New colleagues are always welcome!


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