Your comfort is our aim: MULTICOMFORT from Saint-Gobain

With MULTICOMFORT, Saint-Gobain and its brands set benchmarks in terms of the comfort, sustainability and energy efficiency of buildings of all kinds - whether it is a case of a new building or a modernization.

MULTICOMFORT is a comprehensive concept extending far into the future with innovative solutions and services for sustainable construction methods - with a focus on the comfort of users and added value for all those involved in construction: property owners, planners, architects, processors and traders. The unique know-how and product portfolios of the Saint-Gobain brands thereby provide the basis for our exemplary standards.

We have summarized the diverse needs and subject areas in six comfort dimensions:

Design flexibility, room climate, calm, sustainability, safety and time-saving

Design Freedom

With MULTICOMFORT solutions from Saint-Gobain you can design rooms precisely according to your ideas and standards. In doing so, you achieve results that are ecologically and economically exemplary. No matter whether you are planning a new building or want to modify an already existing one, the MULTICOMFORT design freedom offers the opportunity to adapt your property to any new life situation, both functionally and aesthetically. You are able to realize practically unlimited options, attractive forms, optimal light conditions and tangible surfaces - in colours that satisfy your needs.

Kreisklinik und Hochenergietherapiezentrum, Altötting

The new radiation therapy centre is a perfect example of the potential of drywall constructions. The interior area was sculpturally designed with free-standing, curved, tilted and arched walls made of Rigips and Riflex (Glasroc F) boards, as a result of which this unique spatial effect was created. The geometries to be realized only with the use of drywall constructions required extremely detailed workshop planning and the highest processing quality. Based on models, their dimensions were transferred to a 3-D design, on which CNC-created templates and, finally, substructures and planking were produced and assembled after being transferred to the project on-site.

The difficult integration of high-quality medical technology was achieved by implementing detailed solutions, which were developed in constant harmonization and coordination with the architecture. Dry construction with the highest demands made on the surface quality (Q4), also with the numerous radii, joints and floor-to-wall transitions, and the effect of changing light conditions, created an atmosphere that was far from providing a reminder of the typical room atmosphere in a conventional hospital.

Architect: Albert Koeberl, Passau for Dolzer, Mandl + Partner, Eggenfelden, Hiendl + Partner, Passau

20Up Bar - Empire Riverside Hotel, Hamburg

In the heart of Hamburg's trendy district of St. Pauli, the Empire Riverside Hotel opened in 2008. Its highlight is undoubtedly the lounge bar on the 20th floor. The windows extending down to the floor provide breathtaking views of Hamburg and the river Elbe.

SGG VISION-LITE glass was used for the project. SGG VISION-LITE improves visibility through an extremely low residual reflection of only 1%. SGG VISION-LITE can be used indoors and outdoors - wherever maximum transparency and an unobstructed view through the glass is required: control towers at airports, driver's cabins in construction machines or even buildings with a panoramic view like the 20Up bar in Hamburg.

Architect: David Chipperfield Architects GmbH

Indoor Swimming Pool, Bad Nenndorf

In all indoor and outdoor swimming pools the overall visual impression is extremely important. The pool itself is, as a rule, the most important visual feature of the room - but as a result of the plain walls and floor, the ceiling has a significant role to play in the overall impression and the space experience. Colours, surfaces, shapes and properties of the light reflection complete the overall impression and create the desired aesthetics of the room.

Simply the swimming pool itself offers very special challenges for an acoustic solution, including the high humidity and chloride-containing atmosphere as well as the risk of splashing water. These special requirements mean that conventional systems and certain materials cannot be used. The use of Ecophon Focus acoustic ceiling boards made of moisture-resistant glass wool in combination with the corresponding, system-compatible substructure from Ecophon, represents  the current technological state of the art. This system not only meets the very special requirements of the swimming pool, but also offers a sophisticated aesthetic experience.

Room climate

For a perfect room climate, which is as natural as possible, Saint-Gobain has a wide range of products and solutions to offer you. Regardless of whether you are planning a completely new building or a restoration - with our high-quality materials and constructions, you can reduce negative environmental influences such as electromagnetic pollution and pollutants in the room air. You can support the optimal use of daylight with glazing from Saint-Gobain, which also provides optimal heat insulation in winter and protection against overheating in summer. You gain an all-year-round feel-good temperature with a balanced relationship between room air and surface temperature, fresh air without drafts and a pleasant room air humidity.

AachenMünchener Versicherung AG, Aachen

The new building complex integrates the life insurance and insurance departments in a single location. The centerpiece is a building with up to seven floors. The high proportion of glass radiates modernity and corresponds with the desire for transparency. The construction measures included the partial reconstruction of the existing building of the administration as well as three new buildings with construction and conversion of underground garages. All parts of the building are connected with the glass boulevard which runs on the second floor level.

In the facade, approx. 3,500m2 of SGG CLIMAPLUS COOL-LITE ST 167 und SGG CLIMAPLUS COOL-LITE ST 150 solar protection glasses ensure a good climate throughout the year. 28 cylindrically-bowed panes of SGG CONTOUR CLIMAPLUS COOL-LITE ST 167 make the partly extreme course of the glazed boulevard possible. SGG CLIMAPLUS COOL-LITE ST glasses are characterized by a very hard, resistant layer and are extremely flexible: they can be tempered, bent, printed, enamelled or laminated. The sun-proof glazing contributes to the fact that the rooms do not overheat in the buildings in which, due to their casual arrangement, sufficient sunlight finds its way.

Architect: kadawittfeldarchitektur 

St. Koloman, Stockerau/Austria

According to the motto "Together under one roof", the municipality of Stockerau gave the former Kolomansheim a new, meaningful purpose. Following a general renovation, a kindergarten, a social station and sheltered apartments for the elderly were located in it.

A special feature of the new St. Koloman House is the refurbishment on passive house level. The residents are delighted about the comfortable living environment, the operators about the extremely low energy costs. The high-rise building was energetically upgraded with high-quality insulating materials from Saint-Gobain ISOVER.

Architect: Kuchler ZT-GmbH, Stockerl

Congress and Concert Hall, Bamberg

In the new construction of Bamberg's Congress and Concert Hall, the design of the foyer and the loft with Rigiton Climafit ceilings is worthy of particular attention. In the foyer, beneath a substructure which was difficult to produce, a seven-meter-long filigree, slanting climatic ceiling was constructed, which protrudes into the room like a ship's bow - with closing edges running in different radii. On the staircase, the climatic ceiling, which is equipped with numerous in-built lights and filled in Q 3, changes its direction three-dimensionally.

In the loft, beneath a fire protection ceiling at a height of 4.15 m, an air-conditioning cold cover, coated with acoustic plaster, was installed whose upstand follows the kidney-shaped building contour in 50 different radii. A further peculiarity was found when surveying and placing the 80 cut-outs for recessed luminaires, which was supported by the computer and also achieved outstanding optical performance with the aid of laser technology. For coating with a very fine acoustic plaster, too, gaps and a high level of spatula quality were required.

Architect: Mietusch & Partner, Bamberg


MULTICOMFORT solutions for peace and quiet are based on your individual perception: Sound protection and sound insulation products from Saint-Gobain surpass the technical standards and values by significant decibels - so that you can rest at home and recharge your batteries.

Your quality of life and work is also enhanced by Saint-Gobain's solutions for perfect room acoustics, as they guarantee maximum speech intelligibility, for example, in educational institutions. Room acoustics are fundamental to your capacity to concentrate while at work and also make it possible to enjoy music in concert halls for example.

Residential and commercial building, Mannheim

The Passive House concept can also be implemented with justifiable expenditure in existing buildings. The dilapidated residential and commercial building from the 1930s was renovated and energetically updated by archictecs from Roland Matzig. The certified passive house planner was faced with the task of transforming an existing building into a MULTICOMFORT house.

The highly insulated outer shell of the house ensures permanently low energy values without complex, interference-prone technology and for an even temperature level of room air and wall surfaces. This thus guarantees not only a high stability of the value of the house, but also a high standard of home comfort. The mineral wool insulation materials used by Saint-Gobain ISOVER transform the passive house into a MULTICOMFORT house with added value: because the inhabitants also benefit from the very good building acoustic properties of the mineral wool, which effectively protects against noise transmission.  The non-flammability and permeability of the material furthermore create additional safety.

Architect: r-m-p Architekten

Zentral-OP Ortenau clinic Lahr-Ettenheim

With the new surgical facility at the Lahr location, the Ortenau clinic Lahr-Ettenheim has reached another milestone on the way towards a consistent modernization. The new operating theatre building with central sterilization was opened in 2010.

The use of high-quality and proven materials ensures their longevity during operation. The use of a Saint-Gobain Ecophon acoustic ceiling, which withstands the numerous requirements of hygienic areas, has been integrated into the planning right from the start, and has been consistently implemented from a precise consideration of the cost-benefit ratio.

The hospital staff in Lahr is satisfied with its choice. The expectations were even exceeded. "We are surprised that the noise has been dampened so much," says Petra Bosshammer. "We have a direct comparison here, because there are a few floor areas without acoustic ceilings in the central operating department, but the difference is significant," says the nursing manager. Not only the workforce but also the patients benefit from the calm atmosphere. Because in the patient's holding there are always several beds with patients who are being prepared for the operating theatre. "The patients are often afraid, and peace and quiet is the best way to relax".

Architect: Bernd Leimbach


Sustainable MULTICOMFORT solutions from Saint-Gobain have many advantages for you: our products and systems are particularly energy-efficient and durable. This lowers your costs while at the same time conserving valuable resources. Saint-Gobain building materials are characterized by a good ecological balance, are optimally recyclable and free from pollutants that endanger health and the environment. With sustainable solutions from Saint-Gobain you design your house responsibly and future-oriented - creating comfortable, healthy habitats for generations.

Energy+ Home, Darmstadt

No less than three Saint-Gobain brands were involved in transforming a single-family home built in 1970 into a state-of-the-art Plus Energy house: Saint-Gobain Rigips, Saint-Gobain Weber and Saint-Gobain Isover.

The extraordinary building project energy+Home was conceived by the Technical University of Darmstadt and implemented under the direction of Professor Karsten Tichelmann.

The main objective of the modernization was an optimization of the energy standard: energy+Home pursues the objective of minimizing heat losses and making use of regenerative energies. Thanks to an ingenious energy concept with an air-water-heat pump, an improved daylight supply and a photovoltaic system, the consumption could be considerably reduced.

Saint-Gobain Isover supplied products for the interior construction, the ETICS facade, the ventilated Eternit facade, base, basement exterior wall and the roof. The roof construction with 60 mm Integra AP SupraPlus as above- rafter insulation offers a very high level of F 30-B noise and fire protection.

Saint-Gobain Weber supplied the mineral thermal insulation system weber.therm A 200 with high thermal insulation performance, sound insulation and excellent fire protection. The mineral light-weight plaster 261 was used for an optimal surface finish.

Saint-Gobain Weber supplied the mineral thermal insulation system weber.therm A 200 with high thermal insulation performance, good sound insulation and excellent fire protection. The mineral lightweight plaster 261 was used for an optimal surface finish.

Architect: Prof. Karsten Eichelmann

Daycare Grüner Käfer, Dresden

The construction of the children's day nursery with two floors and four intermediate levels was carried out according to ecological criteria, in compliance with the architect's specifications in a complete wood and dry construction. Partition walls were built in fire resistance classes F 30 to F 90 and partly built up to a height of 6m. Special design features are windows integrated into the outer wall, recesses in several levels, interestingly designed stairs, light domes and suggested blind windows. Visible ceilings were created as acoustic ceilings with scattered hole and were worked on at different levels on light domes. All plastered surfaces meet the quality standard Q3. Perfect connections, corners and burrs have been achieved by inserting tear-resistant glass-fibre strips such as Fiba Tape and are proof of the highest-quality drywall construction.

Architect: Thüringer Sozialakademie GmbH

Energetic modernisation of a primary school, Kruft

The primary school, consisting of three buildings, was energetically modernized in 2012 - with the intention of preserving the overall impression of the ensemble, some of which was more than 70 years old. It was also necessary to adapt the heat protection to the current standard of the energy saving regulation.

Thermal insulation materials with the future-proof thermal conductivity 0.032 W / mK from Saint-Gobain ISOVER were used. This makes the interior insulation, with a very good heat insulation effect, slimmer compared to standard solutions, resulting in less loss of space in the interior.

In contrast to conventional drywall solutions, this insulation consists of two layers: the substrate was pretreated with weber.prim 403. The ISOVER Integra Universal modernization board UMP-032 made of 20mm thick mineral wool was used for the insjulating layer glued with weber.therm 301.

In contrast to conventional drywall solutions, this insulation consists of two layers: the substrate was pretreated with weber.prim 403. The ISOVER Integra Universal Modernization board UMP-032 made of 20mm thick mineral wool was used for the insulating layer glued with weber.therm 301. This construction prevents the direct contact of the Rigips 75mm metal profile substructure with the outer wall - an advantage which is particularly beneficial in the winter. To ensure that the glued insulation material has contact with the outer wall over the entire surface, the uneven areas of the existing wall were leveled with weber.dur 110. Subsequently, the thermal insulation of the pre-shell substructure was carried out with energetically highly efficient, non-combustible Isover mineral wool insulation materials, thermal conductivity lambda = 0.032 W / mK. 12.5mm Rigips plasterboard building boards were used for the facing.

Architect: Fischer-Summerer, Andenach


Saint-Gobain's MULTICOMFORT solutions offer a wide range of options to protect your health and the building structure of your home against damage- for example, with durable, resilient construction products that provide additional safety even in the event of a fire. And with offers that are free of pollutants, clean the room air of pollutants and regulate the moisture to protect against mould - for a healthy indoor climate, in which humans and animals can really feel at home.  

Commercial and office building with medical practices, Leipzig

For the extensive drywall construction work of the new building project, high standards were set for fire and noise protection. From over 1,000 m2 of building boards and impregnated boards, metal single and double column walls F 30 to F 90 were created with visible ceiling connections. GK system ceilings were used as glare screens. Due to the intended use as a commercial and office building with administration, sales, storage and medical practices with operating rooms, there was a particularly high noise protection requirement of up to Rw'r = 64 dB. In the X-ray area an approx. 60 m2 radiation protection wall protects the employees.

Architect: Gregor Fuchshuber und Partner, Architekten, Leipzig

Restoration of a residential and commercial building, Mannheim

The dilapidated residential and commercial building from the 1930s was renovated and energetically updated by architects from Roland Matzig. The certified passive house planner himself set the task of transforming an existing building into a MULTICOMFORT house.

The construction project impressively demonstrates that the Passive House concept can also be implemented in existing buildings at a reasonable cost. The highly insulated outer shell of the house ensures permanently low energy values without complex technology that is susceptible to faults and for an even temperature level of room air and wall surfaces. This not only guarantees a high value-stability of the house, but also cosy living conditions. The use of mineral wool insulation from Saint-Gobain ISOVER turns the Passive House into a MULTICOMFORT house with added value: the inhabitants also benefit from the outstanding building acoustic properties of the mineral wool, which effectively protects against noise transmission as well as from a clear security plus due to their non-flammability and moisture permeability.

Architect: r-m-p architekten


MULTICOMFORT solutions make it possible for you to achieve particularly short construction times compared to conventional products and processes. Spaces are usable more quickly, new construction and modernization are more economical. The wide product range and advice of experienced Saint-Gobain branded product manufacturers make it easy for you to find the most efficient system solution depending on the project. With our coordinated and tested components, you often gain additional guarantees for many years. Thus, the long-life systems extend the renewal interval considerably. This can save you lots of money and time.

Medicity, Bottrop

Nobody likes to wait, especially when it is a matter of their own health. This is why a well-planned health centre must support day-to-day procedures, just like the MediCity in Bottrop: the building complex is fully adapted to the needs of the patients and relieves the medical teams in their daily routines. Short paths, accessibility and a secure orientation were therefore decisive factors in the planning and design of the four newly built buildings.

The MULTICOMFORT object consultants and our four brands Saint-Gobain Glass, Isover, Rigips and Weber have made a key contribution in this respect. The MediCity is proof of the fact that only a holistic project development and realizing structure creates structures that give its inhabitants and users lasting comfort and thus quality of life. The result is a health center in which medical, technical, economic and human concerns are in harmony.

Thus, with the MediCity, the city of Bottrop has succeeded in considerably improving medical care for people in the Ruhr region - and also enhancing the pedestrian precinct in the city centre thanks to the intelligent architecture. Due to the MULTICOMFORT solutions from Saint-Gobain, which open up possibilities far beyond the known norms and standards, it was possible to complete construction of the complex structure in just 20 months in a time and cost-efficient manner.

Architect: Architekturbüro Strelzig und Klump

New Synagogue, Mainz

With this approach, the basic idea of the architect could be transferred into a technically feasible system.

The challenging tasks included the design of the interior rooms with special relief boards. For this purpose, a profile substructure was attached to the building structure and secured.

For the planking, Rigidur plasterboards were used, which, due to their material properties, provide an ideal substrate for the ornamental and writing boards to be mounted.

For the design of the ceilings and walls, flat relief boards, developed especially for this purpose, were produced, which were doubled on the front shells. In order to be able to produce the ornamental plates required, masterforms were made with laser-cut wooden letters were produced and from these silicone rubber molds were taken. In the next step, wafer-thin letter castings were made of hard form plaster.

With the aid of the Rigidur H NatureLine joint adhesive, these were glued onto the gypsum fiber substructure and joined to form a mural which is interrupted by areas with legible texts from the Torah. These texts from the Torah were set and worked letter by letter.

The particular dry-construction service was to capture the basic idea of the architect in a technically feasible system. Its implementation by means of elaborate and completely unusual constructions was a masterful performance in the short period of only six months that was available.

Architect: Manuel Herz, Dipl.-Ing., Architekt, Basel/CH

High School Klaus, Klaus/Austria

It was built sustainably and to conserve resources.

The Klaus High School being awarded the Vorarlberger Timber Construction Prize, did not happen simply by chance. The building is a classic example of resource-saving, sustainable construction.

The challenge to the architectural duo was to put the model of a recycling- and energy-conscious society in concrete terms. As only 18 months remained for the planning and construction, the high school was entirely designed as a constructive timber building. The prefabrication of the wooden box elements in the factory, the rapid assembly and the avoidance of elaborate pile foundations guaranteed that the tight time schedule was observed. With the controlled ventilation and optimization of the building's shell thanks to high-quality Isover insulation materials, the building corresponds to the Vorarlberg's passive house guidelines with a consumption value of less than 15 kW/h. It is worth noting that the additional costs compared to a conventional solid construction were only three percent.

Wooden insulation boards from Isover were used for the walls. The floors were insulated with ISOVER-Domo, the flat roof with EPS boards.

Architect: Dietrich / Untertrifaller Architekten