Festive finale of the 11th Rigips Trophy 2017 I 2018

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Düsseldorf / Stuttgart – A grand gala event in a festive ambience has always been the celebratory highlight of the Rigips Trophy and is expected with excitement. This year was no exception: Many fingers were crossed, many pats on the back given and all cheered the successful dry constructors. About 350 guests met for the event in the historical indoor riding arena in the heart of Stuttgart on the 3rd of February. Together they appreciated the in total 77 competition entries and celebrated the seven winners during the gala, themed “Rigips goes Varieté”.

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Just like in a grand revue of dry construction, the presented competition entries showcased what is feasible when using this equally powerful and sustainable construction method. The guests were at first welcomed by Peter Kamps, Director Sales & Marketing at Rigips. In his introductory speech he left no doubt about who played the “lead role” during this evening. “With your extraordinary performances you show the possibilities of modern and high-quality dry construction. You help to constantly extend the limits of what is feasible, and thus provide a crucial contribution to the perception of the dry construction trade and its image in the public eye. For this, we would like to express our thanks to you, amongst other things, by means of this festive evening.”

The construction industry in transition - chances for dry construction
The Chairman of the Management at Rigips, Werner Hansmann joined in these words of thanks and affirmed the growing importance of dry construction in the view of imminent challenges: “Currently, some trends can be observed which will change the entire construction industry in the near future and confront it with complex tasks. At the same time, however, this situation will also offer great opportunities. The densification of residential and living spaces in urban areas and the desire for a high living quality in comfortable rooms for example calls for new construction methods. The increasing digitalization of planning processes will have an ever growing impact on how planning and how building is realised. At the same time, the protection of scarce natural resources will gain more and more importance - buildings thus increasingly turn into true ‘deposits of raw material’. These developments will rule the activities of us all in the coming years,” said Werner Hansmann. “And dry construction meets the requirements resulting from this situation unlike hardly any other construction method. Therefore, the future is bright, if we tackle these challenges jointly, innovatively and energetically.”

Live streaming on Facebook and Instagram for the first time ever
It is customary for the gala events of Rigips that there is no shortage of exciting moments, and so all guests shared the excitement about which dry construction firm could take home one of the coveted trophies until the end. And the excitement could be felt even beyond the indoor riding arena in Stuttgart, because this year the gala was broadcast live for the first time: “All award ceremonies were streamed in real-time on Facebook and Instagram so that ‘those who stayed at home’ also had the chance to get an idea of the unique atmosphere of this evening,” explains Trophy coordinator Karin Melder. “As on the occasion of previous events, we had this year again the pleasure to welcome many familiar faces from the dry construction industry. However, their number was almost equal to the one of those who at-tended a Trophy for the first time. This mixture is perhaps the greatest compliment for this competition: The Rigips Trophy has long-time fans and gains new ones every year.

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