From the cellar to the roof, from the facade to the interior: systems and building materials from Saint-Gobain are to be found wherever sustainable, innovative, long-lasting and efficient solutions are required - to create comfortable buildings and rooms for living, learning, working and more.

Building glass solutions from Saint-Gobain

Building glass from Saint-Gobain handles a wide range of tasks: it is used for interior design and facade design, secures buildings and serves to provide heat, fire and noise protection. With innovative solutions, Saint-Gobain is continuously developing new application options for the transparent material.

Solutions for facades from Saint-Gobain

With system solutions for the thermal insulation of facades, as well as moisture, fire and noise protection, Saint-Gobain ranks among the leading suppliers worldwide. Saint-Gobain offers a wide range of products for facade design and convinces with sustainable solutions, for example, for the biocide-free protection against algae infestation.

Solutions for the cellar from Saint-Gobain

With a perimeter insulation and basement ceiling insulation from Saint-Gobain, the house gains effective, long-lasting thermal insulation, which significantly reduces energy consumption. To ensure that the cellar is permanently and securely protected from ground moisture, ground water and pollutants from the soil, Saint-Gobain provides high-quality solutions for moisture protection and drainage.

Solutions for dry construction and interior construction from Saint-Gobain

Dry construction solutions from Saint-Gobain protect buildings from negative influences such as cold, noise and moisture. Saint-Gobain's sustainable materials for interior construction contribute to maximum comfort and create a pleasant and healthy indoor climate - for example, by regulating humidity and permanently removing and binding pollutants from the room atmosphere.

Solutions for attic conversions and roof insulation from Saint-Gobain

A roof insulation from Saint-Gobain is crucial for a healthy indoor climate in the converted loft - and makes a significant contribution to the energy efficiency of the entire house. With its solutions for sound insulation and roof drainage, Saint-Gobain also increases the living and utility value of lofts.