Solutions for Automotive, Transport and Marine Industries from Saint-Gobain

Saint-Gobain designs and maunfactures a wide range of innovative solutions for automotive, tansport and marine industries.

The voyage to the heart of innovation continues

From windshields to door hinges and passenger compartment insulation: Saint-Gobain designs and manufactures a wide range of innovative solutions for leading automakers. These solutions address challenges the automotive and land transportation industries face today: reduced fuel consumption - in particular by lowering the weight of materials, safety, comfort (acoustic and thermal) and connectivity. As a result of its active co-development policy with its main customers, the Group regularly adds to its portfolio of products and solutions to meet the needs of this constantly evolving market.

Glazing for the Transport Industry

Through Saint-Gobain Sekurit the Group supplies the world’s leading automakers with windshields, sidelites, backlites, glass roofs and pre-assembled modules. Tempered, laminated, tinted or with coatings providing specific properties, Saint-Gobain Sekurit glazing helps reduce vehicle energy consumption and provides a solution to users’ growing demands for safety and comfort. Saint-Gobain Sekurit also serves with the same rigor the rail, armored and industrial vehicle markets: trucks, buses and coaches, and farm and construction site machinery.

Saint-Gobain is also growing its business in the distribution of automobile glazing on the independent aftermarket, through its Autover subsidiary, the European leader on its market and the exclusive distributor of the Saint-Gobain Sekurit brand.

Lastly, Sekurit has a network of Saint-Gobain aftermarket automobile glazing installation sites, called Glassdrive. Established in 2001, it operates in 9 European countries: Spain, Norway, Portugal, Greece, Finland, Italy, Estonia, Lithuania and Denmark. 

Specialist films provide additional functions of the glazing

In addition to its glazing, the Group manufactures and sells special films for automobile glazing, under its Saint-Gobain Solar Gard® brand. These films protect against heat, damage caused by ultraviolet rays and attempted break-ins, as well as being attractive and protecting occupants’ privacy. 


The Group also manufactures high-performance plastic bearings, seals and foams for the automotive and land transportation market. These components are particularly used in doors, steering and braking systems, seats and even in vehicle engines. 

Our High-Performance Materials stand for quality and efficiency

From glazing to the engine up to body finishing - solutions by Saint-Gobain Abrasives are used when manufacturing vehicle components. Saint-Gobain ZirPro on the other hand supplies grinding beads and surface treatment beads for pre-stressing applications, in particular for the suspension spring manufacture. Finally, most of the notched belts in European cars are manufactured using Saint-Gobain Vetrotex glass fibers.

Special Insulation

Furthermore Saint-Gobain develops insulation solutions for technical applications in the transportation industry: ships, trains, light rail, metros and automobiles. For cars and trucks, ISOVER has designed specific glass wool products that combine cost efficiency, lightness, high-performance acoustic insulation, as well as thermal and fire protection.

Saint-Gobain Marine Applications

Saint-Gobain Marine Applications are specialists in the field of high-performance glazing (insulating, solar control, fire resistant, heatable glass, high security glazing and other glass specialties), high performance mineral wool insulation, steel pipes, pipe components and industrial valves, wall lining systems, interior panels flooring and much more. Their lightweight, energy-saving construction materials ensure both safety and comfort.

Saint-Gobain Marine Applications, founded in 2004, federates seven internationally renowned Saint-Gobain companies: Saint-Gobain ISOVER, Saint-Gobain Weber, Saint-Gobain Vetrotech, Saint-Gobain Sekurit Transport und Saint-Gobain Rigips.

Saint-Gobain’s global team of maritime experts provides architects, EPCC’s, designers, owners and administrative authorities with a wide selection of innovative products and services for the construction or renovation of ships and oil & gas offshore vessels and platforms. ”Saint-Gobain solutions respond to the current trend of downsizing, as it is being practiced in the automobile industry. These construction solutions offer significant weight savings while offering great freedom in design,” says well-known designer Steen Friis Hansen of Steen Friis Design in Denmark. 

Our mission is to make building lighter and more efficient ships and platforms possible, reduce energy consumption, increase safety and fire protection and enhance passenger and crew comfort.