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Man is the measure of all things. This basic principle also applies to interior construction. This means, in a very practical sense: drywalling has the task of protecting houses and buildings against negative influences from outside and inside as well as ensuring a pleasant, healthy room climate - for example, through optimal thermal insulation by having an internal insulation. This helps in older builings not only to save energy. It also ensures a comfortable and warm living climate during the winter. Moisture protection protects the building fabric from moisture and prevents mould formation. Soundproofing stops sound penetrating from outside and prevents disturbing noise from spreading within the building. One of the most important requirements is fire protection, which prevents or inhibits fires.

A further contribution to healthy indoor development is provided by materials that are free of pollutants or clean the air of pollutants. In addition to the functional aspects of dry construction, space design is an important task. The decoration and the quality of the floors, ceilings and walls contribute decisively to the comfort of living in a room.

Sound Insulation, Footfall Soundproofing and Room Acoustics

Protection against noise and sounds in rooms and buildings

The causes of noise pollution can only rarely be prevented. Therefore, as a rule, noise protection is usually employed to absorb or dampen noise and sounds - for example, through special windows, doors, walls, ceilings and floors, as well as other sound-absorbing measures, which are classified in seven noise-protection classes.

DIN 4109 Sound Insulation in Building Construction defines the minimum requirements for residential living rooms. The subjective perception, however, cannot be standardized: many people respond sensitively to noise and sounds and would like to have a sound insulation that goes beyond legal requirements. In the ideal case, optimal room acoustics also enhance comfort.

Dry construction opens up numerous possibilities for effective sound insulation and pleasant room acoustics. For example, walls and ceilings made of building materials with a high weight soundproof against airborne sound. Even better noise protection values can be achieved by the combination of special plasterboards and insulating materials, which fill the cavities in the dry wall. A so called mass-spring-mass system reaches optimal values. The outside surface absorbs and reduces the impact of sound energy. The inner insulation absorbs the remaining sound energy and further reduces it. The panelling at the back of the partition forms the third layer, so hardly any noise can penetrate the outside. The soundproofing effect can be reinforced by dry construction profiles for fixing the drywall panels. Dry construction profiles for the fixation of the drywall panels. Appropriately optimized surfaces of metal profiles, which are used as a building board fixation, can also improve sound insulation.

Video on Rigips Die Blaue

Sound protection to satisfy the highest standards with Rigips Die Blaue

In comparison with solid masonry walls, the sound insulation board Rigips Die Blue convinces with particularly high sound insulation values - with short installation times and a minimal static load on the building shell.

Fire Protection

Safety for human-beings and material assets

Fire protection in drywall construction makes an important contribution to greater safety for humans - and not least also protects property values. The aim in the event of a fire is to safely prevent spread of fire and smoke.

A so-called preventive fire protection is pursued through the choice of building materials and an optimal structural fire protection concept. The legal requirements determine the appropriate requirements.

Fire protection coatings for interior constructions have the task of protecting components from the destructive force of the fire so that they can fulfill their space-sealing and fire-insulating function longer. For example, materials such as steel or concrete are not combustible, but these building materials lose their strength or expand when exposed to great heat, which can lead to damage to the structure.

Coatings for fire protection react chemically to heat, they form an insulating layer or have a cooling effect. Plasters made of gypsum release water. This works like a fixed fire-extinguishing system. It cools and proctes the component.

Fire protection coverings and fire protection panels protect the clad material as long as possible from the fire. Special construction panels made of gypsum are particularly effective.

Ideal for use in fire protection systems, the glassfibre-reinforced G Glasain F special plasterboard from Saint-Gobain Rigips with a maximum resistance to fire.

Drywalls and Wall Systems

Unlimited design freedom, diverse possible applications and astonishing properties

Partitioning rooms, redesigning apartments and entire floors with non-load-bearing internal partitions: the imagination of architects, builders and DIY fans are nowadays practically unlimited thanks to practical drywall systems.

The selection of drywall systems and materials available is great. Different wood fibre partition walls and partition walls made of textile materials or decorative glass are available, also shelf unit systems are used as room dividers. At the top of the popularity scale here, however, by quite some way are drywall solutions with plasterboards.

The advantages are obvious: the price is cheap, the processing is simple, fast and safe. Even dismantling is easy. Gypsum can be sustainably extracted, processed and recycled. In addition, the biological construction properties of the natural material, for example the good fire protection effect, are convincing.

In addition, the builder can choose gypsum plasterboards which have less well-known properties and advantages: soundproofing plasterboards made of gypsum achieve noise protection levels which significantly exceed those of conventional masonry and concrete. Radiation protection boards shields shield against electrosmog. Special gypsum boards can regulate the room climate, free the air of harmful substances and, as a bullet-resistent material, increase safety.

A groundbreaking new development is the Habito residential housing plasterboard from Saint-Gobain Rigips. Habito is so slender that it saves space, but is thereby extremely durable. Thus Habito makes extra-robust dry wall constructions possible that are superior to conventional construction methods in many respects - especially in terms of economy and efficiency.

Room Climate and Clean Air

For healthy room air and protection against pollutants

In our world, people spend nearly 90% of their time indoors. Healthy room air should be something that is a matter of course. The reality, however, looks different. Numerous poisons and volatile organic compounds contaminate the air. Biological pollutants such as mould and physical burdens such as electrosmog are other factors have a negative effect on health.

Interior construction offers the opportunity to minimize these dangerous influences. The gypsum boards, popular in drywall construction, prove to be extremely versatile. With the appropriate upgrade, the natural material is able to produce an optimum room climate with clean air. Building biologists regard gypsum as a recommendable building material for healthy living.

Special gypsum boards can filter poisonous substances and in particular formaldehyde from the room air. Boards with a graphite-modified gypsum core absorb electromagnetic radiation. Gypsum also has the ability to absorb excess moisture from the air, thus ensuring a pleasant, healthy air humidity.

Lime has been used as a building material for thousands of years. Lime plasters on interior walls have the advantage that the natural alkalinity of the material prevents mould formation and additionally has an antibacterial effect.

Interior Design and Decoration of the Room

Aesthetics with added value

In the area of interior design, individual taste is what sets the tone. But floors and wall paints, plasters and wallpapers can do more than simply realize aesthetic ideas and provide beautiful surfaces. The range of offers, which are suitable both for the decoration of the room and fulfilling functional tasks, is steadily becoming wider and wider.

For example, floor systems with the Rigidur screed elements. The versatile and easy-to-install flooring system is extremely resilient and additionally provides fire and sound protection.

In the development of new paints, the manufacturers are coming up with solutions which are both creative and unusual: light-storing wall paints glow at night. This ensures greater safety and helps to save energy.

Wall coverings made of glass fibres are not only attractive. With a corresponding finish, the special wallpapers prevent the formation of mould on the surface, bacteria too have no chance. The range is ideal for decorating the walls of bathrooms and damp rooms.

Damp and Wet Rooms

Effective protection against mould in bathroom and kitchen

Bathrooms and kitchens in private homes and residential buildings, as well as public swimming pools and sauna facilities, are classified as damp and wet rooms. These are frequently or permanently exposed to increased levels of humidity - an environment in which mould can easily form and permanently establish itself.

In order not to allow this to happen, preventative measures such as intensive regular ventilation are indispensable. However, constructional measures can also effectively counter the health-damaging, destructive mould attack.

A natural enemy of mould is lime. In the form of a lime plaster or lime paint, the mineral surface protects effectively against mould in damp and wet rooms, since the alkaline substance is not suitable as a basis for life of the fungus. Lime also regulates the humidity and thus improves the room climate.

Another option is to use special wet-room paints containing fungicides. The chemical substances kill the mould and protect the treated walls and ceilings.

Video on damp protection with Rigips Aquaroc

Ideal for heavily used wet rooms: Rigips Aquaroc. The video demonstrates how easy the installation of Rigips Aquaroc is. Rigips Aquaroc is a cement-bound, water-resistant building board suitable for heavily-used wet areas with a chemical load.

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