Solutions for HEALTH AND BIOMEDICAL from Saint-Gobain

Saint-Gobain supplies the health market with high-performance plastic materials and components used for a very wide range of applications.

Saint-Gobain supplies materials for the most critical medical applications. The keywords for this segment are reliability, safety and compliance with the most exacting standards. The Group also designs and develops products for habitat that help improve air quality and so inhabitants’ health. 


Hospitals, the pharmaceuticals industry and research laboratories: Saint-Gobain products are found throughout the medical sector. 

Saint-Gobain develops high-performance plastics specifically for the health market. The Group, with its Life Sciences Business Unit is one of the world’s leading suppliers of polymer components for pharmaceutical, medical and biotechnology markets. 

Tubes Pharmafluorr

The materials developed, with unique barrier and biocompatibility properties, and allowing for the transmission of oxygen, are also used in scientific laboratories and for the large-scale production of vaccines. These single-use solutions have high growth potential, as they are increasingly used to replace systems made from stainless steel.

Saint-Gobain is counting on breakthrough innovations for both materials and processes. From the outset, the Group also implements a co-development approach with pharmaceutical majors and medical customers, as each new medication implies a new process using new components. 

Other Saint-Gobain products help keep you healthy!

Saint-Gobain products are particularly suited for use in healthcare establishments given their properties targeting the health safety of our living environment.



the Group develops high-performance plastics for the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical markets. The reference leader with its Tygon®, C-Flex® and Sani-Tech®brands, Saint-Gobain supplies a wide range of products (tubings, bags, etc) serving the most critical medical applications. They are molded or extruded as standard or custom-made products in thermoplastics, silicon, fluoropolymers or elastomers. 

Paintable fabrics

Saint-Gobain Adfors paintable wall coverings are designed using high-performance fabrics woven from glass yarn and provide health properties that are particularly suited to medical contexts. Novelio® Mold-X contains an active antibacterial agent that contributes to health safety. In particular, it is used in hospital and clinic patient rooms, rest rooms and unventilated areas in health buildings. The Novelio® Clean Air wall covering improves the health of the indoor atmosphere by absorbing 70% of the volatile organic compounds released by cleaning products and particle-board furniture.


Saint-Gobain Crystals manufactures scintillators for the medical imaging industry. They facilitate and improve the detection and diagnosis of certain diseases. 


With its acoustic ceiling tiles, Saint-Gobain Ecophon provides customized solutions for health establishments, helping reduce stress levels among hospital staff and patients. The air quality inside health buildings is also a major concern. In response to this need, Saint-Gobain Rigips developed the Activ’Air® technology for its plasterboard, which treats indoor air by neutralizing formaldehydes, one of the main volatile organic compounds.


Glassolutions Sovis manufactures SUPERCONTRYX® glass that protects against ionizing radiation (X-rays); it is used in medical imaging rooms.